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Private Development Agreements

Wanting to develop but there doesn’t seem to be infrastructure available? A development agreement is a useful tool to assist in timeframes and obligations between development and the local authority.
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New war on NIMBYs

New Zealand’s urban areas could look very different in the coming years because of sweeping townhouse bill passes into law.
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Focusing on the positives: Spatial planning to be a major part of resource management re-think

In this second article of three, Jay looks at the proposed Strategic Planning Act (SPA). The SPA is the second major piece of legislation that the Resource Management Review Panel (Panel) has recommended should replace the often highly criticised, Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). The SPA would set the long-term strategic goals in resource management and would also focus on regional spatial planning.
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Back to the Future – Government announces a “new” direction for Resource Management system

The Resource Management Review Panel (Panel) has recommended a statutory framework for resource management in New Zealand which involves the repeal and replacement of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). In the first of a series of three articles, Jay Rajendram discusses what can be expected under the primary Act that the Panel proposes should replace RMA, the proposed Natural Built and Environment Act (NBEA).
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Tiny house project – Will yours pass muster?

Before you start on your tiny house project it is important to understand what a tiny house is and whether your tiny house will pass muster. This article discusses the two recent decisions about tiny houses in New Zealand and explains what factors you need to consider before you start your tiny house project.
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Implications Of Waikato Regional Plan Change 1

Implications of Waikato Regional Plan Change 1

Further to our first article in this series which provided an overview of the Waikato Regional Plan Change 1, this second article expands on the PC1 rules and explains how they are likely to impact on farming activities around the region.
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