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Land Acquisition for Public Works

Land Acquisition for Public Works

Local authorities, Network Utilities and the Crown, are all able to take land for infrastructure and services under the Public Works Act 1981. We are experts on the acquisition process including negotiation of fair compensation for land taken. Public bodies often identify land for a public work by means of a designation in a District Plan using a process set out in the Resource Management Act 1991. That is often the first step in the process towards identifying future restrictions on land and determining the compensation payable. This is often a complex area where private land and homes are affected and expert legal advice is essential.

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We provide advice on all aspects of public land acquisition, including:

  • Designations under the Resource Management Act 1991
  • The application of the Public Works Act 1981
  • Strategic advice on property rights and development
  • Assistance and advice for negotiations
  • Compensation assessments and terms of acquisitions
  • Buy-back offers
  • Due diligence for property transactions
  • Representation at local authority hearings, the Environment Court, and the Land Valuation Tribunal

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