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Health and safety

Health and Safety

Providing employees and visitors with a safe workplace is paramount. Our experts have extensive experience in ensuring that policies and procedures are robust to ensure prevention from incidents. If the worst happens, our experts can work with you to manage the Worksafe investigation.

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Every company acknowledges that without safe and healthy staff they are unable to perform. However, many companies fail to ensure that the correct procedures and policies are in place to ensure this.  Our specialist health and safety lawyers can provide you with extensive advice to ensure that you meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.  This includes:

  • understanding what the risks are to your company
  • drafting policies to combat the risks including: health and safety, drug and alcohol, and vehicle
  • advising on obligations related to occupational health and industry specific testing
  • understanding what your obligations are to ACC

Our team are also experience in helping clients when a Worksafe investigation is instigated.  We ensure that we walk beside our clients throughout the process to provide advice on how to control the site, manage information requests and formal interviews, guide and advise on immediate and long term changes, assist in dealing with the media and defending any prosecution.  Our defence team is experienced appearing in the District Court for clients who are being prosecuted.  They are skilled in defending prosecutions, negotiating summaries of fact and presenting persuasive submissions on sentencing.

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