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Our insights

When it comes to law, having specialists on your side is an advantage. We’re here to help our clients and people build better lives, that’s why we love applying our knowledge to assist you in whatever challenge you might be facing in business or your personal life. Here’s the latest…

Our insights

When it comes to law, knowledge is often power. Which is why we want to share our take on different legal matters you might be facing in business or personal life. Here’s the latest…

Resource Management (Freshwater and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

The Government is continuing its phased approach to its promised resource management reform. Phase one of the reform repealed the Natural and Built Environment Act and Spatial Planning Act. These Acts were repealed in December 2023.
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Implications Of Waikato Regional Plan Change 1

What is a LIM Report and why we recommend purchasers get one.

Harkness Henry recommends that all purchasers invest in a Land Information Memorandum (LIM Report) as part of their investigations into a property that they are interested in purchasing.
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Developer Contributions

A development contribution is a one-off charge imposed on new developments as a contribution to any growth-related costs relating to infrastructure required for the development. The reason that these are imposed is commonly to contribute to a cities long-term growth.
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Man Reading With Magnifying Glass

Personal Liability as an Employer? Damn straight.

Many ‘employers’ in New Zealand, operate under a corporate identity through a limited liability company. There is a common assumption if a company becomes insolvent, that directors or those that influence or control the company, are protected by the ‘corporate veil’ – and can avoid personal consequences. In some circumstances, as this article explores, this common assumption is wrong.
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Summer Clerk Experiences

Harkness Henry recently welcomed three outstanding Clerks to our 2023/2024 Summer Clerk programme. The Clerks worked in a variety of practice areas including employment, property and commercial law, resource management law, trust law, dispute resolution, estate planning and estate administration. Mia was primarily based in our Cambridge office, while Ollie and Devony in our Hamilton office.
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Residential Building Work – What Obligations Will My Builder Owe?

A person’s home is their castle, so the saying goes. However, sometimes constructing the castle can be a dauting process. It is important, therefore, to know about the protections that exist for residential consumers. In this article, we summarise some key documents a residential consumer should expect to receive from the builder during the course a building project.
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