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Unable To Pay Personal Debts? What Options Do You Have?

Unable to pay personal debts? What options do you have?

Bankruptcy is often considered as the only option when creditors are banging down the door. However, there are several other options available to individuals that should be considered first. Implementation of an alternative could avoid the serious consequences that follow bankruptcy. In this article, we set out the criteria and consequences of insolvency options for individuals.
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Relief for Businesses impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in world history. Never before have we encountered a worldwide shut down of economies. The impact of this pandemic is going to be equally unprecedented and the road forward will be paved with uncertainty.
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A ‘Safe Harbour’ for Directors during rough times

Part of the Government’s Business Relief package announced on 3 April 2020 was temporary changes to the duties that directors owe under the Companies Act 1993. These changes provide a ‘safe habour’ to directors for companies facing significant liquidity problems due to COVID-19.
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Statutory Demands

This article reviews the law relating to “Statutory Demands” pursuant to the Companies Act 1993. Statutory Demands may be served on a company to require a debt to be paid or disputed very quickly. The company served must act quickly to resolve the issues behind the Statutory Demand or it will risk being placed into liquidation.
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