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The Importance of Shareholder Agreements

When you are entering into a new venture the opportunities seem endless and everyone is positive about goals and working relationships. However, as we unfortunately see so often in our litigation team, things do not always go to plan. A well drafted shareholder agreement can be worth its weight in gold when working relationships sour.
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Incorporated Society Dispute Resolution – What options do you have?

We often have enquiries from clients or prospective clients relating to disputes within an incorporated society that they are affiliated with (e.g. as members or serving on society committees). People often ask us what they can do to resolve these disputes and how they can make claims when the society leaders are not acting in the best interests of the society. This article sets out the different options available when there are disputes within an incorporated society and highlights some deficiencies in our current law.
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Privacy Act 2020 – What Are The Impacts On Your Organisation?

Privacy Act 2020 – What are the impacts on your organisation?

In addition to Christmas, December 2020 is bringing us a new Privacy Act. The Privacy Act 2020 comes into force on 1 December 2020. With it, comes some changes you need to be aware of before you get into holiday mode. In this article, Jess Mathieson sets out the recent legal developments in this area and the potential implications if you are not up to speed with the new requirements.
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Directors Duties And The Supreme Court

Directors duties and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has recently reviewed the law relating to director’s duties making it clear that trading while insolvent will amount to a breach of a director’s duties even if a director believes that continued trading may benefit the company’s creditors as a whole: Madsen-Ries and Levin as Liquidators of Debut Homes Limited (in liquidation) v Cooper [2020] NZSC 100.
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Construction Contract Claims – Getting It Right

Construction Contract Claims – Getting it right

The Construction Contracts Act 2002 required strict compliance in order to recover payments under it. In this article, construction law specialist, Karen Shaw provides a summary of the key requirements to ensure that you get these claims right .
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Neighbours at War – What to do when you have a fence dispute

The Fencing Act 1978 has been in place for decades but there is still confusion as to the process and means of resolving disputes that arise under the Act. This article raises some points to be aware of before arranging a replacement boundary fence in the hope that your neighbour will pay their fair share.
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Online Issues: Buying goods off Trade Me

The internet creates a specialised set of problems which cannot always be dealt with in the traditional sense. With the development and increasing use of online trading sites, such as Trade Me, comes a whole new set of practical and legal problems.
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