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What is a testamentary guardian?

When drafting your will, an important consideration is who to appoint as testamentary guardian for any minor children. Before appointing a testamentary guardian it’s important to know the role they will play in your child’s life should you die, and any restrictions on their powers. This article explores the role of a testamentary guardian.
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Where can I get a park?

In a move to shape New Zealand’s cities and towns, central government has scrapped requirements for minimum carparking spaces from district plans.
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Private Development Agreements

Wanting to develop but there doesn’t seem to be infrastructure available? A development agreement is a useful tool to assist in timeframes and obligations between development and the local authority.
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All good in the hood

In the alcohol licensing process, it is important to understand how a locality can impact alcohol licence applications. This article discusses how the “amenity and good order” of the locality is relevant in the licence application.
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Retentions under the Construction Contracts Act 2002 – Changes are Coming

The loopholes in the Act’s retentions regime are about to tighten. Contractors are set to face an increased administrative burden when managing retentions. There will also be significant consequences if the Act is not complied with. In this article Building and Construction Expert, Karen Shaw, outlines the changes that are currently being considered by Parliament.
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