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Summer Clerk Experiences

Harkness Henry recently welcomed three outstanding Clerks to our 2023/2024 Summer Clerk programme. The Clerks worked in a variety of practice areas including employment, property and commercial law, resource management law, trust law, dispute resolution, estate planning and estate administration. Mia was primarily based in our Cambridge office, while Ollie and Devony in our Hamilton office.

Here is what our Summer Clerks had to say about their time with us over summer:

Devony Reid

The opportunity to join the Summer Clerk program was an experience I will never forget and has provided me with essential foundation skills to begin my career as a solicitor.

My biggest highlight was learning the inner workings of the Resource Management Act and what that really looks like in practice. Working in the specialist Resource Management team has also broadened my horizons to this exciting and fast-paced work. I have worked on a vast range of matters, and no two days are the same. I have developed a passion and drive in this area, something I never would have experienced if it were not for the Summer Clerkship.

Finally, what an amazing group of people at Harkness Henry. A huge thank you for welcoming me and providing me with a phenomenal experience. If you can work in a firm that nourishes and supports you in the same way that Harkness Henry has for me, then you will be well set on your legal career path. The hands-on work, support, whanaungatanga, and let’s not forget encouragement, are things that I wish for every law student entering the industry.

If you are a law student thinking about, or are considering a Summer Clerkship, run, don’t walk! It is absolutely amazing!

Mia Paintin

I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Summer Clerkship here at Harkness Henry. I looked to gain practical and real world experience in a firm that delivered top level advice in a locally accessible manner. I found this in the Cambridge Office of Harkness Henry.

The team was incredibly welcoming and they were willing to teach – enabling me to experience the day to day life of a busy law firm. Prior to this, as many law students can relate, I had no idea what sort of law I wanted to practice. Through this clerkship I have found commercial, estate planning/administration and property law to be incredibly interesting.

A crucial skill that every budding lawyer will need, but that is not taught at law school, is good client interaction. This has been one of the most important skills I have learnt. Seeing the way in which the team here at Harkness Henry prioritises their clients and values the relationships they bring, has been inspiring. The same respect is extended to how the team treat each other too. This is a value that I seek to role-model throughout my career.

For students seeking a Summer Clerkship that offers practical real world experience, connections and a sound foundation for your future career in law – it’s a no brainer!

Oliver Parton

My biggest fear entering my fourth and final year of University was whether I was actually going to enjoy law given the time and money I had invested in my study.

Working with the team at Harkness Henry has quietened my fear and installed an internal confidence that I can produce work for a team that pursues excellence. I credit that confidence to the amazing mentorship that I received during my time with Harkness Henry and the wonderful group of people I was able to work alongside.

The team at Harkness Henry have been warm and welcoming from the outset and have been continuously open and helpful. The three months I have been a Summer Clerk, have gone by in an enjoyable heartbeat.

I am coming away with experiences and connections that will set me up in my future and provide a great stepping stone into the world of law. I’m especially excited for the prospect of tackling my Employment Law paper at University, having already worked in that area while I was a Summer Clerk.

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