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Commercial leases – key tenant considerations

Signing a commercial lease is a step most businesses will have to take. The lease sets out the terms and conditions under which the tenant will occupy a commercial property. This article outlines a number of essential factors a prospective tenant should consider when evaluating and negotiating a commercial lease in New Zealand.
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The Importance of Shareholder Agreements

When you are entering into a new venture the opportunities seem endless and everyone is positive about goals and working relationships. However, as we unfortunately see so often in our litigation team, things do not always go to plan. A well drafted shareholder agreement can be worth its weight in gold when working relationships sour.
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Directors Duties And The Supreme Court

Directors duties and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has recently reviewed the law relating to director’s duties making it clear that trading while insolvent will amount to a breach of a director’s duties even if a director believes that continued trading may benefit the company’s creditors as a whole: Madsen-Ries and Levin as Liquidators of Debut Homes Limited (in liquidation) v Cooper [2020] NZSC 100.
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Are you a Motor Vehicle Trader?

You may not realise it, but you may be an unlicensed motor vehicle trader. A recent Court of Appeal decision[1] makes it clear that a person or company will need to register as a motor vehicle trader under the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 if that person or company sells more than six motor vehicles in any 12 month period, unless it can prove that those motor vehicles were not sold for the primary purpose of “gain”.
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A Trap for Businesses on the Sale of Motor Vehicles

Did you know that unless one of the limited exceptions in the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 applies, if your business in any period of 12 consecutive months sells more than 6 motor vehicles, for example to staff or to any related company, other than via a registered motor vehicle trader (dealer), the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Traders will require you to register under that Act as a motor vehicle trader or face prosecution?
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