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Good news in the pipeline for winery cellar doors

A new Bill has been drawn from the ballot that if enacted will bring some positive news to wineries with cellar doors. After a few years of limited visitors and staffing shortages we are pleased to report on some good news for the industry. This article discusses the proposed legislation and the benefits to the hospitality industry.
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All good in the hood

In the alcohol licensing process, it is important to understand how a locality can impact alcohol licence applications. This article discusses how the “amenity and good order” of the locality is relevant in the licence application.
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Ready to open your bar or a bottle store?

So, you have finally decided to open a new bar or a bottle store with the aim of creating more job opportunities and helping the economic recovery post Covid19 lockdown. This article focuses on the importance of completing a thorough due diligence before you purchase the property or sign a lease agreement. This article also highlights issues that new applicants, as well as existing licensees, are facing in terms of application processing times post Covid19 lockdown.
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Have You Failed A CPO By Selling, Or Supplying Alcohol To A Minor?

Have you failed a CPO by selling, or supplying alcohol to a minor?

As alcohol licensing specialists , we see licensees sign negotiated suspension agreements with the Police on the basis that they have sold alcohol to a minor (an alleged failed CPO). However, this is not as black & white as it seems. The article below provides commentary on s 239(1) and the offences covered by that section.
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Come Out Better And Stronger Post COVID-19

Special alcohol licence for events

As the end of the year looms, planning for Christmas-themed workplace functions and events also begins. Many of these events will escape alcohol licensing requirements, typically because the event is private, small-scale and because alcohol is being supplied at no charge (or guests are bringing their own).
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Safety Gear

Temporary licence to sell and supply alcohol during repairs

Is your existing licensed premises undergoing repairs, alterations or rebuilding or other unforeseen event and you are not sure whether you can simply move to another premises and start trading? This article explains the option available under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 which allows the licensing committees to authorise licences, provided certain legislative criteria is met, for alternative premises where an existing premises are unfit for the sale of alcohol.
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