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The Importance of Disclosure in Relationship Property Matters

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Author: Geraldine Austin

Many clients wonder why they have to provide disclosure of their assets and liabilities when they are signing a separation agreement or contracting out agreement. This article explains why disclosure is so important and what could happen if this crucial step is overlooked. Read more

Covenants in Gross under the Land Transfer Act 2017

Monday, 3 September 2018

Author: Erica Quilter

In November this year, the Land Transfer Act 2017 (“LTA”) will replace the Land Transfer Act 1952. One of the changes in the LTA will be to allow the registration of covenants “in gross” against the title to a property. This will be a change welcomed by lawyers, banks and their clients. Read more

The Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Bill – what's the fuss?

Monday, 20 August 2018

Author: S-J Davies

It has been calculated that 110,000 incidents last year would have qualified under the domestic violence document heads covered under the Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Bill. This is probably a conservative estimate due to under-reporting. The explanatory note to the Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Bill says it aims is to support victims to stay in paid employment, provide protection from discrimination in the workplace, and enable victims to maintain domestic and economic stability to assist them to find a pathway out of violence. The Opposition has raised concerns about its impact, particularly on small businesses and say it is not a cure-all. What will be the implications for the workplace? Read more