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Murray Branch



Murray is a very experienced senior litigator regularly engaged as lead counsel in large scale commercial disputes. He is widely respected for his particular expertise in contract, company and insolvency law, and has argued cases that have created new or clarified existing law in all these areas. A search of a case law database shows that Murray has, up until late 2019, appeared as counsel in 80 High Court hearings, 15 Court of Appeal hearings and 7 Supreme Court matters, one of which was a full hearing. In addition, in March 2020 Murray is lead counsel (for the respondents, Bushline) in the Supreme Court hearing of ANZ v Bushline Trustees Limited, which is a case involving the selling of interest rate swaps to farmers prior to the GFC.

One of Murray’s specialties is the use of alternative forms of dispute resolution, with the aim of resolving disagreements without the need to resort to the courts. In addition to his advocacy role, he is available to act as a mediator to assist other parties in resolving disputes.

Murray has had extensive commercial experience prior to practising law, including management of substantial commercial litigation, which gives him an increased understanding of the litigation process from the client’s perspective. This non-law based experience means that he is able to assess the case from both a legal and commercial perspective, which helps in isolating the key issues that require resolution.

Murray Branch - Harkness Henry Consultant
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