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Contracting in the Health Sector – Key things to consider

While contracts for the supply of health services are similar to other contracts for the supply of services, there are several clauses that will need careful consideration to ensure that they meet the specific requirements of the sector. In this article, Paul Middlemiss, who regularly advises clients on large scale, technical, and commercial contracts sets out key considerations for those contracting in the health sector.
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Unable To Pay Personal Debts? What Options Do You Have?

Unable to pay personal debts? What options do you have?

Bankruptcy is often considered as the only option when creditors are banging down the door. However, there are several other options available to individuals that should be considered first. Implementation of an alternative could avoid the serious consequences that follow bankruptcy. In this article, we set out the criteria and consequences of insolvency options for individuals.
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Construction Contracts – Make sure you have one!

Construction law expert Karen Shaw reviews a recent judgment which highlights the importance of getting documentation finalised before starting any construction work. An expensive lesson learnt by a big company that can be applied to all working in the industry.
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Co-ownership – it was the best of times and the worst of times

Purchasing a property with other people requires careful consideration and completing a property sharing agreement when you purchase a property can minimise problems in the future. Parties are often on the best of terms initially, but with any shared ownership, disputes can occur later. Completing a property sharing agreement where all owners record their expectations in relation to ownership and use of the property can be invaluable.
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Construction Contract Claims – Getting It Right

Construction Contract Claims – Getting it right

The Construction Contracts Act 2002 required strict compliance in order to recover payments under it. In this article, construction law specialist, Karen Shaw provides a summary of the key requirements to ensure that you get these claims right .
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