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Dr. Joan Forret


Resource Management, Alcohol Licensing and Public Works Act

Joan’s specialist area of practice encompasses all aspects of resource management and alcohol licensing. She regularly appears before the Environment Court, the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority, and at Local Authority and District Licensing Committee hearings. Joan advises a wide range of commercial and individual clients whose interests include resource consents, planning and plan changes, RMA enforcement and alcohol licensing.

Joan is a member of the University of Waikato Council, a vice president of the Waikato branch of the Property Council and an immediate past Chair of the Waikato branch of the Resource Management Law Association.

Lecturing for five years in Environmental and Public Law at Waikato University, she holds a PhD and LLB in law from Waikato University, and arts (history) and science (chemistry) degrees from Otago University.

Joan’s PhD research has given her insight into the role and significance of expert witnesses within environmental law – her doctoral thesis investigated the relationship of science and law in environmental decision making.

Joan has been a partner at Harkness Henry since 2006.

Dr. Joan Forret - Harkness Henry Partner
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